Vue Flix offers over 7,000 channels to its viewers. With these 7,000 channels, you can get access to up to 2,000 live channels and 14,000 television shows and movies on demand.

Number Of Channels Over 7,000
Technology Android Box, Formuler Box, iPad, MacBook, Mag Box, Smart TV, Tablet, Windows and more.
Support Options 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
Pricing Structure From £6.66 per month

We do not know about you, but we were blown away when we knew about this. Imagine that thousands of channels you are free to browse.

Another chuffing feature about Vue Flix is that you can all watch these channels in high definition (HD), and you can even do high-quality live streaming.

The live TV, latest movies, series, pay per view (PPV), and sports will keep you entertained all day long. And this does not end there. In fact, we are only halfway on the great features of Vue Flix.

Suppose you enjoy television shows from other countries. In that case, Vue Flix can also provide you with popular channels from the United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Italy, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Spain, and many more.

Now you do not have to spend a fortune from different subscriptions just to enjoy your favourite shows. With Vuefix, you can have all of this in just one subscription.

The installation process is also bloody easy, and you can start watching within minutes after subscribing. Vue Flix also offers a 10-day money-back if you decide not to continue with their service.

The customer support is very responsive, accommodating, and capable to answer any query that you may have. Hence, any issue or concern which may arise from your Vue Flix can be solved in just a minute.


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Supported Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Mag Box
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Android Box
  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Macbook
  • Windows
  • Linux


  • Low-Cost
  • Dedicated Support
  • 4K Streaming
  • 7,000+ Channels


  • Limited payment options