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What Is IPTV?

IPTV stands for internet protocol television – it’s a way for you to watch your favourite shows without needing a cable or a satellite dish.

All you need is an IPTV subscription, internet connection, and an IPTV streaming device to watch such as a smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Android TV Box or a laptop.

IPTV is a method of transferring content via the internet instead of using radio waves or light pulses, which is how satellites and cables receive information.

You can access a variety of TV shows and movies using IPTV – it offers video on demand instead of typical TV schedules – so it’s no bother if you miss your favourite show.

You don’t have to tune in to the right channel at a designated time to access content – you can simply watch it on demand (as long as it has already been aired).

There’s no particular schedule you need to follow with your streaming service – whether you use iPlayer, Disney Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you’ll have instant access to your favourite shows and movies.

You’ve probably used IPTV services without even realising – Netflix and Hulu are widely-used IPTV platforms. More and more people are using IPTV and it is revolutionising the way we watch TV – but despite that, it’s still a rather niche market.

The key difference between IPTV and services such as Netflix and Disney Plus is that IPTV allows you to view content through the internet using a managed network such as a set-top box that connects to the internet.


What Are The Best IPTV Devices?

There are countless IPTV devices, all with their own pros and cons as operating systems. When purchasing an IPTV device, you should consider whether it’s compatible with your TV system, laptop, or smartphone.


Android On Vuboxx

It’s easy to access IPTV through an Android TV. Android TV can sideload providers’ APKs. However, some Android TVs are full of other apps that can affect streaming quality, so we recommend getting a device for a better experience.

If you have an Android smartphone or TV, then we recommend Vuboxx. The general rule of thumb is that quality costs more – but the Vuboxx provides both brilliant quality and an affordable price tag.

It works by connecting to the Google Play Store and Android 10, giving you access to thousands of apps. This device comes with a power supply, an HDMI, a remote control, installation instructions, and of course, the set-top box.

One of the features that stands out is the voice controls – you can use voice command to control the device and search for what you want to watch.

This makes it quicker than ever to find and play your favourite films and shows, and even control your home.

It supports multiple video formats – 4K 60 FPS, 6K 30 FPS, H.265, thanks to the quad-core processor and high-performance multi-core GPU.

It’s easy to access IPTV through an Android TV. Android TV can sideload providers’ APKs.

However, some Android TVs are full of other apps that can affect streaming quality, so we recommend getting a device for a better experience.

In addition to this, Android TV can sideload providers APKs.

Some android TVs are filled with loads of other apps that can affect streaming, better experience gets a device (i.e Vuboxx). Other Android devices may require you to load apps yourself.

Nvidia Shield TV is another quality option – and it has thousands of users for a reason. It has a slightly higher price tag than the Vuboxx but offers more.

It features Dolby Vision HDR as well as Dolby Atmos, which ensures super vivid picture quality and brilliant sound. The visuals are crisp due to the upscale HD video in real-time to 4K.

As well as streaming and recording your favourite shows, you can show off your Google photos. However, the thing that truly sets Nvidia Shield TV apart from other IPTV devices is GeForce – which can make pretty much any device into a high-performance PC gaming rig.

You can learn more about Vuboxx by clicking here.



Apple has made it slightly more difficult for users to access IPTV – it all comes down to the requirement of server information to gain access to streams.

Typically, providers will want to remain private and only supply their own APK without server information required for you, the customer.

If you have an Apple device such as an iPad, Macbook, iPhone, or Apple TV, then we recommend using an app called GSE SMART IPTV 17+. It’s quick and easy to stream your favourite content on your iPad – but streaming on a 4G data connection isn’t recommended.

The app allows you to record live TV, import and export playlists, manage your favourites list and offers support for Xtream codes API. There is also Chromecast integration, which is always useful for other devices.


Smart TV

If you have a Smart TV, it should be relatively easy to access your favourite shows using IPTV. If your Smart TV is Samsung or LG, then you could access the Nanomid player.

It’s one of the more affordable and great options for users, costing only £10 for lifetime access. However, the app isn’t controlled by the provider, so it could close down at any time in the same way that Duplex Play did.

The app is constantly being updated with new optimizations and features to provide a user-friendly experience.
It’s also a secure option, providing military-grade data encryption for ultimate privacy protection – so you don’t have to worry about your IP address or identity being compromised.

Another option is the MAG box – however, they are becoming less and less popular due to hacks into the system, and MAG creators are entering the Android market with their own devices.


Xbox / Playstation

If you plan on using IPTV on your Xbox or Playstation, we recommend using web players. They make a great backup option and most services will provide one.

Web Players can be used on PS4 and Xbox browsers so you can watch your favourite shows with the click of a button.

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