IPVanish is one of the more known VPN service providers. It has a few good points and a few bad ones. We’ll cover them all one by one. Let’s start with the basics first.

IPVanish is available in 60 countries and has 500 servers.

The service isn’t specifically for IPTV. It’s more for everyday internet usage, although applies equally to video streaming of all natures.

We’ll dive deeper into IPVanish’s VPN service for IPTV, but it’s better to begin with learning about VPNs in general.


VPN for IPTV: What Is It?

VPN means a virtual private network. Having a VPN for your internet connection makes sure that ISPs, government agencies, or hackers cannot gain access to your internet usage patterns.

If you stream IPTV over a VPN, nobody knows who’s accessing the content and from where.

Without a VPN, your IP address is out in the open for anyone to see. And once they know your IP address, they have more information about you than you’d be comfortable having out.

Streaming over VPN has certain downsides as well. However, when you put them up against the benefits of a VPN connection, it’s clearly a good choice.


Setting Up An IPVanish VPN

Follow these straightforward steps to enable IPVanish on your device:

  1. Register for an IPVanish package that’s fitting to your requirement (they have 2 – one comes with storage space).
  2. Choose the device on which you want to set up the VPN. Let’s assume it’s a Windows 10 PC. They have separate guides (including video ones) for all platforms.
  3. Download the app, install it, and run it.
  4. After a successful install, you’ll be prompted for the username and password that you registered with in the first step.


Pricing Models and How They Compare To Other Providers

IPVanish has two rates, both with monthly and yearly discounts. Their starting plan is for the VPN only, and the second package is additionally for 500GB cloud storage, file sync, device wipe, data restore, and data sharing.

  • £2.55/month for 1 month and £20.47 for 12 months – the basic VPN package.
  • £2.81/month for 1 month and £25.59 for 12 months – the VPN + storage space package.

The yearly package is very good. If you buy yearly packages twice, that’s about £41, as compared to the £68.67 that NordVPN charges for 27 months.


Company Background

Definitely one of the bigger fishes in the market, IPVanish as a brand has quite the advocacy. It has a Trustpilot score of 4.7, higher than most other VPN companies.

IPVanish is a USA-based company, therefore part of the Five Eyes countries (the US is also an Enemy of the Internet as per the 2014 Reporters without Borders report).

The website itself has 9 persistent cookies and 5 external trackers. Besides, IPVanish doesn’t accept payments in cryptocurrency, which can allow users to maintain anonymity while purchasing VPN packages.

IPVanish only has a 7-day money-back guarantee as compared to the 30-days that’s the norm.


  • Big Brand
  • Rated Higher
  • Cheap Yearly Options


  • Only 7-Day Guarantee
  • No Crypto Payments

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