How To Download IPTV On A Panasonic TV

When it comes to streaming your favourite content through your television, IPTV can grant you access to most TV channels, programmes and on-demand series’ across the globe.

Not only can you stream IPTV through a normal television – but Smart televisions have been a popular choice of late for many IPTV lovers when watching their preferred form of entertainment.

A Panasonic Smart TV has been a revelation for the IPTV community as you can access IPTV in different ways compared to other devices available. But why is it different? Do you need a VPN? What does it take to watch IPTV on a Panasonic TV? These will be questions we will answer in this blog, so if you’re intrigued – keep reading along with us.

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Will You Need a VPN When Using IPTV?

If you’re going ahead and using any type of IPTV – using a VPN can be a massive benefit for you and your watching experience. Investing in a VPN service can allow you to essentially hide your IP address – meaning you can roam anonymously from any country you choose to be in. This gives you access to channels that may not be available in your current country.

Having this sort of freedom on the internet is something that many TV lovers would like to have and the only way to achieve this is by having a VPN set up. Companies like IPVanish VPN, Nord VPN and Surfshark VPN are better recommended for Panasonic Smart TVs if you’re looking to become a member of a VPN service.


Ways You Can Stream IPTV on a Panasonic Smart TV

How to get IPTV on a Panasonic Smart TV? Well, there are three different ways you can download and stream your IPTV on a Panasonic Smart TV. With these options you have, we will tell you how to use all three to see which one is best suited for you!


Google Play Store (IPTV on Your Panasonic Smart TV)

First of all, you need to know how to download apps on a Panasonic TV. What you’ll need to do is go onto your Smart TV and go to the apps section on your home screen where it should display the search bar.

When you find the search tab, you will need to type ‘Google Play Store’ into the bar – or if you can already see it on the main home screen, click it.

Once you’ve launched the app store, you need to search for the IPTV app inside of the store. You can do this by simply pressing on the search bar and typing this in.

After you’ve found this IPTV Panasonic Smart TV app that you’ve searched for – the next step is to click the download button – thus, it will start to install the app. When the application has finished downloading, launch the app and sign up with all of the credentials that it asks you for.

Lastly, once you’ve finished signing up, you should be able to stream all your favourite IPTV content through the app on your Panasonic Smart TV.


Screen Mirroring (IPTV on Your Panasonic Smart TV)

If you have an Android smartphone this strategy will be perfect for you to live stream your favourite entertainment, whether it be live or on-demand programmes. The first step is to make sure your Android smartphone and your Panasonic Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Once they are both separately connected to the same Wi-Fi – on your android device you will need to go to your Notification Panel and tap your screencast or screen mirror icon (they mean no different).

After this, it will appear with a list of devices to choose from. It should load up your Panasonic Smart TV device onto your smartphone which you will press.

Immediately after, open up the IPTV app on your android device and you will be eligible to start playing any type of content you want! From your smartphone, it will be displayed fully on your Panasonic Smart TV.


Sideloading (IPTV on Your Panasonic Smart TV)

The last method includes the google play store again where you’ll need to find the downloader through the AFTVnews app. Once you’ve managed to find the app, you will need to install this onto your Smart TV.

After you’ve launched your downloader app, you will need to go into settings and enable your Unknown Sources. You can achieve this by going into settings, then security and restrictions, clicking unknown sources and toggling it on.

With the inevitability of the downloader app being installed by the time you’ve changed your settings, you will need to launch the app. Next, you’ll have to enter your IPTV apk’s URL (Android Package Kit URL) and click on the Go button to start downloading the apk onto your downloader app.

After the sideloaded Panasonic TV app is downloaded onto your downloader app, click the Install button on your remote control and open up your IPTV app. It will come up asking you to log in. With this, you will use your customised credentials – and subsequently, you’ll be able to start streaming all your favourite content on the Panasonic Smart TV model.


Our Opinion

All of these methods will be paramount if you’re wanting to watch IPTV through your Panasonic Smart TV. But are any of these methods easier than the others? Is there one of the methods that will save you a lot of time and stress?

In our opinion, we believe that the screen mirroring method is the simplest to grasp and takes the least amount of time too, compared to the others. It is also the most versatile when it comes to other devices. For example, if you have a Panasonic Smart TV – other than an Android TV, screen mirroring is the only other possible way of retrieving IPTV.

If you’re a new member of the IPTV community – we’re sure that you have tried other methods of streaming before from a forum or any other sources for information. Our bet is that screen mirroring would’ve been one of the original ways to access live or on-demand television. It may be an older way of streaming, but there’s no point in changing something that you know works immensely!


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