What Internet Speed is Needed for IPTV?

The question of “what internet speed is needed for IPTV?” can be difficult to answer. The answer generally depends on the coding format of the stream.

While there are many different coding formats available to stream high-quality pictures and crisp sounds, such as H264, there are other streaming formats to compress the stream so it plays smoothly at slower speeds.

Different video formats also have different bandwidth requirements. In general, the minimum bandwidth for streaming is 25Mbps for standard definition video and 30Mbps for high definition video.

Please note that these speeds are enough when only one device is connected to the network. You should also keep peak traffic hours in mind.

The more people there are accessing a network, the slower it becomes for everyone connected. IPTV streams tend to run slower when everyone is watching.


How To Check Internet Speed

It’s easy to see how fast your internet is running. Open the website www.speedtest.net and click “Go.” The website automatically tests your download and upload speeds.

It also checks the ping time to the server. This is how long it takes to establish a connection with the server.



Latency is generally described as being how long it takes for a transmitted data packet to reach its destination. Every network has some degree of latency.

A little latency isn’t a problem, even with IPTV, as it’s to be expected. With that said, high latency can cause streaming issues. High latency is commonly referred to as “lag.”


Packet Loss

Packet loss is another problem that affects streaming speeds. This is when a data packet doesn’t reach its destination. Your TV can’t display information that it doesn’t receive from the server.

Given that almost every IPTV transmission device doesn’t have a re-transmit function, packet loss leads to an instant drop in viewing quality.



Jitter refers to changes in latency. Your stream jitters when latency suddenly increases. Jittering is one of the least worrying things on the list of factors affecting streaming quality.

It’s the one thing that you can do something about on your end. Pause the video and let the stream catch up and wait through a little buffering and you’re fine.

Even so, too much jitter can cause other problems that detract from your overall viewing experience. It’s easy to fix, but that doesn’t make it bearable.


One More Thing

There’s one more thing worth noting in regards to streaming and internet speeds. Many people talk about the different downstream speeds you need to stream standard and high-quality video, but barely anyone talks about the upstream speed.

The reason that upstream speeds matter is due to latency. Upstream latency affects things such as channel changes. The longer it takes for a data packet to get from your device to the network, the longer it takes for you to change the channel.

While a small delay in channel changing sounds trivial, trust us when we say it isn’t. In our experience, people don’t like to deal with channel changes taking more than 0.4 seconds.

While it sounds like it shouldn’t be an issue, it is significant for many. Please note there are also several other factors that affect network speed.

These factors include path changes, network routing and content distribution nodes.

All these factors affect your viewing experience but there isn’t much you can do about them so there’s no point in going into too much detail. We want to focus on the simple things that you have some influence over.


Final Thoughts

The internet speed you need to enjoy IPTV depends on the quality of the IPTV stream. The minimum standards are considered to be 25Mbps for standard definition streaming and 30Mbps for high definition streaming.

The more you do with your TV and computer, the more bandwidth you need. You’ll need more bandwidth if you tend to use the internet while watching TV.

We recommend trying an IPTV free trial to see if you have the internet speeds to support the service before putting money down.

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