A Breakdown of the Real Debrid App

Real Debrid is one of the most popular downloader apps that is available on IPTV devices, most notably, Amazon Fire Stick. It is one of the more popular services that you can use alongside Kodi on Fire Stick which has led to the exponential growth of the app in recent years.

When using Real Debrid alongside Kodi, you will have access to a buffer-free HD playback service that would not normally be available on these kinds of streams. It is important to note that Real Debrid is not an add-on, but can be used in conjunction with other add-ons.

Throughout this blog post, we will be giving you a complete run-down of the Real Debrid app, what you should expect from it and how you can install it onto your device.

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What is Real Debrid?

Real-Debrid is a subscription-based service that provides enhanced downloading and streaming capabilities for users of various online file hosting and streaming platforms.

As we have mentioned previously, it’s often used in conjunction with other applications or websites that allow users to watch movies, TV shows, and other media content such as Kodi.

Real-Debrid essentially acts as a bridge between the user and file hosting services, allowing faster and more reliable downloads and streams. It does this by providing premium access to a range of file hosts, which typically have higher download speeds and fewer restrictions compared to free user accounts.

The popularity of Real Debrid has come from its excellent integrational properties alongside other applications. This feature has made it one of the most popular downloaders on the market.


Pricing For Real Debrid

One of the most important features that you should take note of before deciding to download Real Debrid is that there is a subscription fee that you must pay in order to access the service.

While this may be irritating to many people, the lowest price point that is available for their pricing is as low as $5 per month and will be one of the best investments that you make in your IPTV journey.

The current pricing points for a Real Debrid subscription are as follows: a 15-day subscription costs $3.23; a 30-day subscription costs around $4.31; a 90-day subscription costs roughly $9.69 and a 180-day subscription will cost around $17.22.

These subscriptions are also available to take multiple different payment methods including your credit cards and Amazon Pay. There have been some complaints about certain credit cards not being accepted, if this were to happen to you, simply use another payment method.


Main Features

One of the most noticeable and beneficial features that Real Debrid is able to boast above most other downloader applications is the ability to download at 1000 Mbps resulting in lightning-fast downloading speeds and minimal buffering during streams that get the most out of your internet connection.

You will also have access to HTML 5 streaming which will be excellent for delivering multimedia content, specifically of video and audio. This makes for perfect compatibility with IPTV streaming devices and providers of IPTV services.

Possibly one of the greatest advantages of having one of these devices is that you will have zero waiting times when waiting for your stream to start ad will not need to sit through ads before watching your show or movie.

Real Debrid is also compatible for use alongside a VPN service provider such as Surfshark which gives you access to even more content than previously thought possible through region-locked content.


How To Sign Up

The first step you will need to complete is by visiting their website, real-debrid.com, and selecting sign up in the top right-hand corner. Next, you will need to enter all of your information in the required fields and click sign up again.

Next, you should come across a message that states “your registration was successful”, when this has occurred be sure to check your emails for a confirmation email to activate your account from Debrid.

Once you have done this and logged in to your Real Debrid account, you will then be able to see an option that says “premium offers”. Click this and you should be sent to a page where you can see their multiple payment options.

Select whichever payment plan you wish to opt for and you will then need to pay for their service. Once this is complete, you will have full access to your Real Debrid subscription.


How To Set Up Real Debrid For Fire Stick

Throughout this guide, we are going to be discussing how you will be able to download and set up a Real Debrid service for Fire Stick and Kodi specifically. The first step is to simply have a Real Debrid account and subscription as we discussed earlier.

When you are certain that this is done you will need to log on to your Amazon Fire Stick and go to your add-on of choice, we will be referring to the Crew Kodi Addon. Next, you will need to scroll down and select the tools icon and find the ResolveURL: Settings option.

On the left side of the screen you should see an option that says “Universal Resolvers”, click this and select (Re)Authorise My Account. You will then be greeted with a screen where you will need to take note of the code they provide.

You will then need to open “https://real-debrid.com/device” on your internet browser on another device and enter the code you have noted down and click continue. This will then approve your Real Debrid application.

Next, you will need to return to the Crew Addon and select the option you are planning on viewing between movies and TV shows. Once you have selected, you will be able to search for any movie or TV show that you desire by choosing “New Search”.

You should now begin to notice that your screen says RD in the link name to signal that your Real Debrid subscription service is active.

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