Comparing the Best IPTV Providers For You

When it comes to delegating the IPTV provider that you can trust, it may become an impossible task with the bundle of providers to choose from on the internet these days.

Although IPTV players are still relatively new to the entertainment industry, service providers aren’t hard to come by. In fact, being careful and considerate when choosing a provider is key to accessing the best streaming service.

Yet, what types of providers do you get to choose from and what providers will suit the type of content you watch? In this blog, we will run you through these frequently asked questions – read along to find out more!

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What Are IPTV Providers?

Before you begin enjoying your favourite live IPTV channels, films and series – unfortunately, you will have to go through a few essential steps to enjoy your IPTV streaming service. Using the search engine to find an IPTV provider is one of them. Without finding IPTV service providers – you would not be able to stream any content whatsoever.

Yet, who are they? An IPTV provider is a person or company that supplies live channels, movies and many more. Scouring the internet to find the best providers (through reviews and analytics) not only for a good price – but with reasonable amounts of available content. Finding a provider with a balance of these factors and having exceptional reviews by the majority is enough to make a sensible choice.

If you’re not careful and don’t do any extensive research for TV service and the perfect player, you may end up with an unreasonable provider, or worst-case scenario, you may get scammed. However, the majority of providers want you to feel comfortable on their platforms and give you the best service possible for the price you pay. Delivering 24/7 customer service and spoiling you with the best tv channels from all over the world (if you decide to invest in a VPN separately).


Different Types of IPTV Providers

When it comes to the different types of IPTV providers on the market that you can pick from – there are only two types that you’re going to find. Let’s run you through the two types of IPTV providers and the differences between them both.


The Legal IPTV Services

Regardless of the industry you go into, there will always be someone trying to do something illegal. Whether it be for sports events, the entertainment industry and many more. However, with IPTV, there is a simple method to understand if an IPTV provider is legal or not.

For example, if your IPTV app is downloadable on the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store (via Android, iOS or any other IPTV device including an app store) – then it is completely legal to download (due to their legal activity being taken seriously).

If an illegal app was able to get on either of these platforms, Google or Amazon could be vulnerable to copyright infringement – due to the illegal live TV streaming that can be portrayed on certain IPTV apps.


The Unverified IPTV Services

On the other hand, the unverified IPTV providers will supply services that aren’t available to download on any major app store. However, these services are typically more cost-effective for users trying to watch their favourite content via streaming. The packages are usually filled with additional content – for a more affordable price. The only problem with this is that FireStickTricks will not be able to verify that every IPTV provider is legal (unverified IPTV services).

What some of these companies may do is stream all of these forms of content through their electronic program guide without having a fully verified IPTV service. With some forms of entertainment, businesses may have already bought the rights to stream certain media – meaning it would be illegal to stream something they have the right to.

Being cautious about the IPTV provider and software you go with is vital – due to these unverified companies having no huge backup if something goes wrong when trying to watch live TV channels, movies and TV shows. Therefore, be clever with your decision when choosing a VPN-friendly IPTV provider – as this makes all content available from any country on your IPTV device (no matter the provider or service).


Best IPTV Providers For You

Through all of the logistics and research that you would have to go through when testing the market for the right provider – we have already done that for you. Let’s run you through some of the best IPTV providers in today’s market:


Vue Flix

Firstly, Vue Flix (Watch Flix) is one of our top picks for watching your favourite entertainment – whether it’s watching live channels, your favourite shows, VOD movies, etc. Vue Flix has an astounding 7000 channels and more available to subscribers (month to month or yearly payment basis).

All of these channels through the guide are permitted to users in high definition. Some streaming platforms are known for having grainy-looking video content – but Vue Flix understands that a staple of users’ expectations is to be able to see the picture clearly.

Supported by VPN services, whatever country you are in – it is possible to watch television shows from all over the globe. Sports packages, series or films from other countries become an option for your everyday watching.


Stream It Now

With slightly fewer channels than the previous IPTV provider – Stream It Now offers over 6800 channels to its audience. This is split into up to 2000 live channels and 4000 films – without including the TV shows and up-and-coming pay-per-view events!

All of this diversification of content leaves you spoilt for choice with your loved ones when using the TV guide. With installation on this device, instead of using cables and satellites – you will have a simple download to complete. After this is done, within minutes, you can begin to watch whatever niche of content you desire!

Stream It Now also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, as they’re super confident that you’ll enjoy their service and if for some reason you don’t, you’ll receive an instant refund!


TV Supreme

With this being the provider with the least amount of channels on our list (over 6000) you may think it is a no-brainer to choose the other streaming devices. However, due to the high-quality definition and high-quality customer service, it mightn’t be as easy as you once thought.

With the cheapest starting price of £8.99 a month, available on Windows, Apple TV, Firestick TV and many more supported devices, TV Supreme covers it all. Within minutes of installation, you will have TV Supreme downloaded and ready to stream entertainment such as PPV events, movies, live channels, etc.

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