Do You Need A Smart TV To Use IPTV?

More and more people are using IPTV to watch their favourite shows. In 2021, there are new shows constantly trending, and it’s far too easy to get left behind if you don’t have the means to watch them.

Well, IPTV can be a great way to watch both new and old shows and movies – but do you need a smart TV to use IPTV?

Keep reading to learn more about IPTV, and to learn about the ways in which you can use IPTV.

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What is IPTV?

IPTV (aka Internet Protocol Television) is a service that delivers TV signals to you through the internet, as opposed to cable or satellite.

This means that you can easily watch your favourite shows and movies – all you need is an IPTV subscription and a steady internet connection. However, you also need a device to watch IPTV such as a smart TV – but we’ll talk more about that later.

In simple terms, IPTV is a way of transferring content through the internet. Historically, content was transmitted through radio waves and light pulses, which is how satellite and cable TV work.

IPTV allows you to access a variety of TV shows and movies, providing video on demand instead of having to stick to TV schedules.

If you miss a new episode of your favourite show, then it’s no bother – IPTV is your solution. If you miss the first few minutes of your favourite show, then some IPTV providers will allow you to rewind real-time TV, so you won’t have to miss the start of your show or wait for the episode to finish to catch up.

This means that you don’t have to tune into a certain channel at a designated time to watch your favourite content – you can watch it on demand (if it’s already out there, of course!).

In 2021, many of us lead busy lives and it’s hard to stick to schedules. IPTV makes TV schedules a thing of the past. Whether you use Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, or iPlayer, you’ll have instant access to your favourite TV shows and films.

In fact, chances are you’ve used IPTV without even knowing it. Some popular IPTV platforms include Netflix and Hulu – which you have to pay for via a subscription.

However, there are countless IPTV providers out there – some more expensive, and others more budget-friendly.

IPTV can allow you to access all the live television you want at the fraction of the cost of satellite and cable – as well as access TV shows you usually wouldn’t be able to access because of your location.

Despite the fact that IPTV has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is revolutionising the way we watch our favourite shows, it’s still a niche market.

The main difference between IPTV and service providers such as Disney Plus and Netflix is that with IPTV, you access content through the instant using a managed network (e.g set-top box), whereas Netflix is usually through a smart TV alone.


Do I Need A Smart TV To Use IPTV?

Although a smart TV is a great way of accessing IPTV, you don’t need a smart TV to use it. However, you do need a device with a screen to use it.

Smart TVs are widely available, and allow you to download apps to your TV for you to watch your favourite shows – and some even allow you to play games on your TV.

The combination of IPTV and a smart TV is SIPTV – Smart IPTV. Installing IPTV onto your smart TV is an easy process, and can be accomplished within a few minutes.

However, the setup process can vary depending on the brand of your smart TV. For example, if you have a Samsung smart TV, then you can access the Samsung app store and download ISPTV.

You can access a free trial for a few days which allows you to decide whether it’s for you and if you want to commit to a subscription.

However, if you have an Android TV or an Amazon TV, then there are other apps such as IPTV Smarters – and some are even free to use without payment. However, we recommend the paid options are they are generally safer.

If you don’t have a smart TV, you can still access IPTV. If you have an Xbox or PlayStation, you can download an IPTV service through the internet with a subscription.

If you have a laptop, you can do the same thing – purchase and download an IPTV service through the internet so you can watch your favourite shows in minutes.

If you have an older TV, then it’s best to purchase a set-top box such as Roku. The box connects to the internet so your TV doesn’t have to. You usually connect the box to your TV using an HDMI or VGA – but some allow for a Bluetooth connection.

Although many set-top boxes allow you to download iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus, you can also download convenient IPTV apps which gives you many more live-TV options.


What About A VPN?

If you’re using IPTV on a laptop, you may want to consider purchasing a VPN (a virtual private network). This created a safe and secure tunnel for any internet traffic, as it encrypts data that’s transferred between a computer and a VPN provider.

This means that third parties (e.g hackers or government agencies) can’t see which websites and services you’re accessing.

It’s a way of protecting yourself against third parties, and a means to access all the shows you want without restrictions. Many internet service providers will block access to some IPTV providers or slow traffic down, making load times much longer.

A VPN can also give you access to more content – as many services will only show you content available to your region. For example, you can access different shows on the US Netflix than you can on the UK Netflix, and vice versa.

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