Is An IPTV Free Trial Worth It?

Free trials are essentially a stamp nowadays in the online subscription world amongst some of the biggest brands and entertainment providers across the globe.

The incentive is to let someone try something before they pay for a service – which is the business’ time to show off what their service can do to benefit the consumer.

However, are free trials worth it for everything you want to try online – or are they just better for certain products or services? Read along to find out more!

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What is a Free Trial?

As we briefly ran through in the previous section, a free trial is an acquisition model to persuade the customers to use the product or service (free of charge) for a limited period of time. This is so the customer can learn more about the product/ service and what it offers on the inside – to essentially see what they’d be paying for.

A free trial service is especially useful for SaaS products/ services online as a way to sell themselves due to it being at such a high standard and value that no one can say no. Some trials can last up to three months but the standard model allows for people to either get a 7-day trial or a 30-day trial.

The main benefit of the free trial is that it will only help a business’s acquisition process – as emails will be collected and most likely – if your product/ service is good enough, the customer will stay. Offering discounts, coupons, etc when a free trial ends is also another great tool to increase the conversion rate.


What to Expect From An IPTV Free Trial

When investing in your first IPTV service, IPTV device and/or IPTV provider, you will likely have options for a free IPTV trial with each service/ provider you use. Every possible trial you look at going with needs to at least be a 24-hour trial to test a free account – as the bare minimum. The ideal trial would be as long as you can get, but a good time frame is at least 48hours.

Although this is a free trial and you may think that some features may be missing, this is not the case. You will get full access to all the features given by the IPTV service and provider and if the buyer enjoys all the services and features – it is used as a persuasion technique to convince a customer to pay for the whole package.

There are three main expectations that you can expect to find from a test trial with IPTV services/ providers. Here is exactly what you will find:


Content of Your Free Trial

In the operation of finding the right provider and service – the provider must be open and honest about what they will provide with the free trial. This should always be a representation of the exact product/ service that you would get if you paid in full.

If a certain provider has premium reviews when you look at the options of subscriptions you have – this will give you the best protection when it comes to getting the best service on your free trial.

Experiencing a bad free trial first-hand and not getting exactly what was promised should not put you off trying out different entertainment platforms or IPTV in general. If you find you’re not being treated thoroughly with a free trial – then getting in contact and getting a new home subscription download with another provider is the best option.


The Amount of Time You Get on a Trial

As we’ve previously covered, the desired amount of time you should get for a free trial is 48 hours. Knowing what you get and having an in-depth search through all of the channels and features available in an IPTV service.

Whether this is an ATV IPTV trial or an IPTV reseller free trial – it gives you chance to evaluate and get to know the content for what it is. However, if it’s a less-known provider, expect them to be a bit more sensitive – due to them giving out their service for free.

The most effective solution for dealing with this is to schedule the trial period you want before you request it through the device or email. This way you can get the best out of what you’ve asked for. As most IPTV providers permit thousands of channels for people to assess – it will be best for you to request access to an IPTV subscription when all the requisition live events are being shown. The benefit of trying the IPTV provider at this certain time is to see how the server performs at a peak time.

One tip we would advise you on being cautious about is joining any IPTV services that give free trials away like Halloween candies – as these are not trustworthy services to go with on your IPTV journey. Therefore, please be careful with the version of IPTV and the subscription code information you get given from your chosen provider.


Is An IPTV Trial Worth It?

In our eyes, free trials are one of the best tools to gauge whether a customer feels like they fit into a company or brand’s ideal viewing audience. The largest organisations in the world have made hay with free trials for years due to their riveting products/ services showing the customer that they do need it in their life.

However, with IPTV services – the IPTV providers must have other marketing tools accessible and running at the same time to drive traffic towards the free trial. Otherwise, there will be a lot of wasted time spent on building a funnel for it to fail as there is no traffic seeing your offer.

Subsequently, if you’re an IPTV provider on a bigger scale – then a free trial structure will work a treat for the audience and you as a business. As the right IPTV service can present thousands of channels, at high quality and with a more flexible structure than normal television.

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