Is It Worth Paying Extra for IPTV Premium?

IPTV is an increasingly popular way to watch in-demand programming on portable devices, such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. IPTV providers such as IPTV Compare are here to streamline the experience of purchasing various IPTV products, and to ensure that every customer gets the best deal that they possibly can.

There are various IPTV subscriptions available through multiple IPTV providers, and all of the options can be disorienting when trying to find the most suitable package.

Often IPTV premium is a package available for purchase, typically at a higher cost than other IPTV products. But is this higher cost justified?

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When subscribing to an IPTV subscription, multiple resolutions are available to enhance your viewing experience. These resolutions include the best on the market, including 4K, Ultra HD and Full HD (FHD).

Resolution is the number of pixels that make up an image on a viewing device, with more pixels used to create a more detailed and high-quality image.

Being able to use a premium subscription to view the channels available on IPTV providers in 4K resolution makes for a luxury viewing experience which makes the cost worth it for many customers.

At IPTV Compare, our range of IPTV providers contain a wide array of resolutions to fit any specification and any preference and any budget.



The main attraction of an IPTV package is the vast number of channels available on such a subscription. Some IPTV providers have up to 54,000 TV channels, movies, and series for a cost that is lower than a traditional TV subscription.

This wide range of content available varies between IPTV providers, but all provide highly tailored content depending on the needs of the customer.

The attraction of the numerous amount of channels is reinforced by the availability of on-demand TV and movies. This means that missing the latest episode of a show is not a big deal, as the wide range of TV available ensures that popular shows will be available at the touch of a button.

At IPTV Compare, the IPTV providers shown on the site have highly stylised packages depending on the interest of the customer, such as sports-based packages or movie-based packages. These ensure that our customers receive an IPTV subscription that is the best value for money for their interests and viewing preferences.


Customer service

Purchasing an IPTV subscription through a provider ensures that the customer receives round-the-clock customer service in case any issues or imminent questions arise. A lot of IPTV providers boast of 24/7 customer service which can be easily accessed at any time.

This offers more security than buying an IPTV subscription directly, as technical experts are available for any issues that a customer cannot solve themselves or any issues with the server. However, most IPTV servers are largely reliable and can show up to 99.9% reliability.

An IPTV premium with a provider also ensures that any server issues mean that server issues can be addressed as soon as they are notified, which enables a more personalisable and lightning-fast experience.

External customer support can also help with customers who are not up to date on technological advancements in getting the most out of their IPTV subscription, and is often a valued asset in making IPTV an accessible service.

At IPTV Compare, all of our providers provide varying levels of customer service to ensure the happiness of the customer and that all of their IPTV related needs are being met.


Multiple devices

One of the main alluring aspects of an IPTV package for viewers is the fact that their account can be accessed from multiple devices, with their progress on TV shows or movies being saved to their account.

This makes accessing content on the go infinitely easier than traditional TV avenues and means that keeping up with the most current movies and TV shows can be done from any location. This makes activities such as travelling much more enjoyable, as downloading content from an IPTV provider can be used in situations such as being on a plane when no internet is available.

IPTV subscriptions also allow more flexibility in the viewership experience, as customers can view whatever content they choose to watch at whatever time their desire strikes, instead of being stuck to regimented time frames like in cable television. This gives the user more control over their viewing experience and allows them to find new content based on their previous choices.

IPTV Compare ensures that all of our providers provide premium services across multiple devices to streamline the viewing experience and user interface for our customers.


Is Premium worth it?

The question remains: is purchasing a premium IPTV experience worth the money that it requires? Due to the numerous benefits that have been outlined such as improved video quality and resolution; a vast array of channels, TV shows and movies; a personalised and speedy customer service experience; the ability to access content on the go and to have complete flexibility over the viewing experience; and up to 99.9% server reliability, we would have to wholeheartedly recommend a premium subscription.

A lot of IPTV subscriptions offer varying lengths of subscriptions depending on the amount of money spent, with the premium subscription often being the longest amount of time.

Conversely, these are usually the best value for money despite being the most expensive and are one of the most popular choices for customers choosing to commit to a subscription service without having to pay for it monthly.

IPTV Compare offers one of the widest arrays of IPTV providers in one easily accessible platform where they can be directly compared to each other, whilst finding the most reasonably priced IPTV providers on the internet.

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