Review of The Mag IPTV Box

When looking to buy a brand new IPTV set-top box, then there are a few key things that you are going to want to know before doing so – mainly value for money and the features that you will have access to.

People who are generally tech-savvy and are familiar with different types of IPTV boxes may have heard of the Mag IPTV Box – but what is it actually like?

Throughout this blog post, we are going to be discussing some of the key features of the Mag IPTV Box and will be giving our verdict on whether it is worth the money.

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Tips When Buying an IPTV Box

To begin, there are a number of things you should be considering when it comes to buying any type of IPTV box which can separate the good from the bad, making your decision easier.

Many people may look at the statistics and specifications to decide which is best however, while these are important, the user experience is something you should think about and pay attention to.

This kind of information can give you an idea of how fast your machine will perform however not everything in the specifications is going to be something that you will find helpful to make an informed decision, it is much easier to understand from the user experience.

Ensuring that your IPTV box has internally installed Wi-Fi access without the need to have an ethernet connection is an incredibly important thing you should think about as this simply makes the machine much more versatile in where you can place it.

With this, you will be able to place it by any TV in your house without worrying about needing to plug it into the wall via an ethernet cable.

One of the main reasons why many people opt for independent IPTV boxes instead of traditional Android ones is the seamless support and integration that these devices have with certain popular IPTV services.

While sounding rather simple, this means that people are entitled to even more features than they would have otherwise making it much more enticing to purchase these for a similar price.


Mag IPTV Box

Throughout this review, we are going to be referring specifically to the 322 editions which were created by Informir as an update to Mag 254 and 256 models.

This edition of the Mag IPTV Box comes with readily available internet connectivity installed as standard so you will not need to worry about an ethernet connection.

These kinds of devices have always been notoriously easy to set up and get going as soon as you have them which is a monumental advantage that this box has above many others in the industry.

The user experience is excellent and does not have an overcomplicated, messy menu that most would find impossible to understand – it is very easy to use and navigate around so that anybody can use it!

You will also not be required to install seemingly hundreds of different applications in order to watch TV like on Android devices, everything will be readily available for you to begin streaming immediately.



Taking note of some of the important specifications that your IPTV box has is an incredibly important part of the process as this can greatly affect your decision in the long run if you are deciding between two units.

The newer and more improved models are more likely to have better specs meaning that they will also be more likely to have a better experience while using the device which is ultimately the most important part of the experience.

Some of the key specifications that you may be interested in would include the 512MB RAM and 512MB Flash Drive storage capacity, to begin with. These figures determine what you will be able to install onto your Mag IPTV box and how much you can do at any given time on the device.

The measurements for this device are also important to note so that you know that you can store it in the desired area without needing to move things around.

This device measures around 137 x 87 x 26 mm (width x depth x height) meaning that it will be very easy to fit into most spaces may whether that be on a cabinet, underneath your TV or elsewhere.


User Friendliness

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the user interface for this device is excellent and very welcoming to all types of users, young and old alike.

This has allowed for the growth in popularity of the Mag IPTV Box in recent years as many people have been able to begin using it just as easily.

The UI that users will be faced with is incredibly easy to navigate, especially compared to other set-top and IPTV boxes available on the market. Many have incredibly complex menus that most people simply cannot navigate whereas this edition of the Mag IPTV Box has a great menu able to be used by all.


Streaming Capabilities and Speed

If you decide on buying this version of the Mag Box then you will find that you have access to the built-in wifi, without the need to connect through an ethernet cable as older editions required.

This allows for unparalleled streaming capabilities in terms of what you will be able to watch and where, this allows you to be able to place your IPTV Box anywhere in your home and you will still be able to access the same number of shows that you would have if plugged in via ethernet.

One thing that you should note, however, is the fact that ethernet connections are definitely faster and more consistent than of wireless connections which makes make you opt for using an ethernet product – however, you need not worry! These Mag Boxes come with their own ethernet port so you can increase the speed of your connection whenever you choose.

This extra versatility comes in handy during a great multitude of scenarios and so is a wonderful feature for you to have at your disposal. Most other IPTV devices are not able to offer this level of continuity paired with amazing speeds and vast amounts of channels from so many other IPTV providers.

You will also have the ability to use a VPN service in order to view any region-locked content that may be hidden in your country of residence, further showing the great streaming capabilities of this device.

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