The Best IPTV Boxes To Use In 2021

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) continues to increase in popularity, and in 2021, more people are taking advantage of streaming.

It is no surprise to see people ditching expensive cable/satellite subscriptions in favour of cheaper and more convenient IPTV offerings.

The best way to experience an IPTV service is with a dedicated box, and below you can see all of the best IPTV boxes to choose from in 2021. As a reminder, you do need an IPTV subscription to enjoy content on these boxes.

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Amazon Firestick

One of the best and most convenient IPTV devices is Amazon Firestick. It is incredibly portable, which means you can easily carry it with you. You simply plug it into a TV and it is ready to stream IPTV content.

The Firestick is compatible with a number of IPTV apps which makes it an excellent choice. Aside from streaming IPTV, you can also enjoy apps such as Netflix, Amazon and Youtube.

You can also benefit from Alexa voice search to find your favourite shows with ease. The performance on the newest Firestick is excellent since it supports 4K and has a 1.3GHZ processor with 2GB of RAM.

If you want the benefits of the Firestick with a better processor for gaming, then the Fire TV Cube may be worth considering.



In terms of price and features, the Roku is similar to the Amazon Firestick. One key difference is the excellent wireless receiver which allows you to pick up a better Wi-Fi signal which can help to prevent any buffering or delay.

The range is up to 4 times greater than typical IPTV boxes. It’s also very convenient and has a voice search. Overall, it’s a lightweight and compact box that is highly responsive.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet high performing IPTV set top box, then the Roku is a good choice.


Android TV Box

There are a variety of Android TV boxes to choose from and all support IPTV streaming. You should select a box with good processing and RAM. Ideally, you should pick a box that has a recent version of Android installed.

With an Android box, you have the choice of many IPTV apps and general apps. You also get a lot of functionality with support for gaming and even video calling.

If you want a console gaming experience, then we recommend the Nvidia Shield. The Android HK1 Max is a solid all-round option, and the Xiaomi Mi Box S has a gorgeous interface.


Mag Box

If you’re looking for a traditional satellite TV viewing experience, then the Mag Box is certainly one to consider. With a Mag Box, you get a slick interface that replicates the TV viewing experience.

The software is sharp and fast, which means you can change channels with ease. There are a variety of Mag Boxes available, and some even have android functionality.

But, this is the ideal box for those who need slick IPTV rather than a plethora of additional features. The software on this box is tailor-made for IPTV and you can expect excellent performance and reliability.

The Mag 254 or the Mag 256 are 2 of the best boxes you can get which offer a high-quality streaming service so that you can stream media such as movies and TV channels.

Some Mag boxes such as the mag 322 have wifi whereas others require a wired ethernet connection.



Similar to Mag Boxes is the Formuler lineup, which also provides a superior viewing experience that is similar to traditional satellite TV subscriptions. They have boxes that are 4k and HDR-ready.

They run on the Android ecosystem and come with external storage so that you can download media directly to the box. Although they run on Android, the interface is different from typical Android boxes.

It is smooth and clean. The EPG is simply stunning, and you can benefit from a wonderful live TV experience. There is also an external antenna that ensures you can get the best Wi-Fi signal.


Buying Guide

With so many IPTV boxes on the market, there are some features that are worth paying attention to. You should always consider the specs such as processing power and RAM.

This will dictate how smooth the interface is, and it will also show how reliable the streaming may be. You should also consider whether the box is compatible with Wi-Fi or if it requires a wired connection.

If you want the absolute best quality, then you should consider a box that is 4K ready so that the picture quality of your stream is the best of its ability. Aside from IPTV, you may also want to playback downloaded content.

Be sure that your box is able to play the type of files that you have. Not every box will be able to play MKV videos, and not every box will be able to handle the highest resolution video.

If you want a box that gives you a PC-like gaming experience, then you will need to look for something with outstanding specs.

However, if you want a box that provides a close experience to traditional TV, then you should consider a dedicated box such as a Mag.


Using A VPN With IPTV Box

We highly recommend using a VPN with your IPTV box. It is easy to set up, and it provides you with more options for streaming content whilst protecting your privacy.

In some cases, it can also boost your internet connection speed since it prevents throttling from your ISP. These days it is a good idea to keep your streaming activity anonymous, and a VPN is the perfect solution for this.

When picking a VPN, you should opt for a service that has a kill switch, IPv6 protection, DNS leak protection. There are many inexpensive VPN options to choose from, which makes it convenient to combine with an IPTV subscription.



Overall, there is a fantastic range of IPTV boxes to choose from that suit all requirements and budgets. Remember to have an HDMI cable with any box as this is what connects your IPTV box to the TV.

When making your choice, it is important to consider how often you will use IPTV and which features are most important to you. You will now have a clear idea of which IPTV boxes are the best in 2021.

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