Top IPTV Alternatives To Putlocker

As the streaming industry is expanding daily, many websites, devices and providers are either being developed or becoming available for people to view content.

Putlocker has been one of the most sought-after streaming websites for a while – until they had some issues with copyright because the original owners discovered their content being used without the right permissions.

At the peak of its popularity, Putlocker was reaching up to 1.6 million daily visitors. Due to these ludicrous numbers, other businesses have seen the supply and demand and acted accordingly.

Aside from Putlocker, what are the options nowadays from the best streaming providers and platforms? Read on to find out more!

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What Was Putlocker?

Originated in the UK, in early 2012 – Putlocker first burst onto the scene through the internet and was widely known as a place to stream any form of entertainment media. It used to specialise in streaming films and TV shows, free of charge, to the people on their website.

Due to it being a free streaming platform where people gained access to all the latest content, every user was typically going to take advantage of the opportunity in front of them.

From the word spreading around that there was a free platform providing the latest media – naturally, everyone is bound to have a gander at their website.

From there, as people began to take fondness towards the website, the rise in daily activity grew like no other. As time went on, millions of people were using the platform daily – through all kinds of devices.

Hitting its prime in 2016, not only saw IPTV Putlocker generate an unreal content watching experience/ movie watching experience – but, also hit the top 250 most-viewed sites worldwide. However, nowadays (upon their suspension) it is still unknown what is occurring and whether they’ll ever be back to continue their hype in the streaming world.

Nonetheless, due to their being very clever business owners – there are now many opposing streaming devices and providers that people can choose from to watch their favourite content.

Consequently, having these options compared to only a few previously gives you peace of mind that your platform won’t be taken away from you. With there being many alternatives – it is well-known that there are some providers and devices and providers that aren’t worth your time.

This is why we’re going to guide you through choosing the best providers for you to gain quality content-watching experiences regularly.


Top IPTV Providers (Alternatives to Putlocker)

As Putlocker had a high standard of content experiences offered such as perfect movie watching, free channels, free sports streaming, etc – it would be difficult to top that, right?

Well, with technology being upgraded consistently in today’s age – you may want to take a look at some of the possibilities that we’re showing in this guide. Here is an available collection of IPTV providers that you should consider if you’re wanting to view online content immediately:



Although Putlocker was a free IPTV service for people to view – most options nowadays are paid. Although you may think this is unnecessary, these streaming providers are yielding watching experiences (with more content) than mainstream television providers.

Therefore, as VOD TV is a cheaper option than traditional television providers, whilst supplying content with more variety – it is a better pick for anyone around the world.

VOD TV not only brings forth 7000+ channels to their customers – but they also have 14,000+ movies and shows on demand!

Many people have a common misconception streaming sites, providers and devices are full of ads, and offer low-quality streaming services. With some sites, that may be the case. Yet, with VOD TV, a wide array of their channels are presented in HD (high-definition).

With this IPTV provider having great quality, this will always enhance your viewing experience – making for a better time, with less stress (worrying about low-quality and ads popping up).


Stream Shack

With Stream Shack, they take it to a whole new level when it comes to the amount of content provided. Even though Putlocker was free – Stream Shack issues viewers with over 42,000 on-demand movies and series to choose from. In addition, you will receive 7000+ programmes and channels.

Having this level of content available to multiple opposing countries, whilst being cheap to purchase – makes this IPTV provider a next-level service. If you couple this IPTV provider with a VPN, your options will broaden even more!

Having a VPN service in place will allow you to watch each programme as if you’re in a different country. This permits you to have the ability to watch content available in the chosen country (via your VPN).

As wires, cables and satellite services can be unreliable nowadays, it can be difficult to know what to do. However, if you have a stable, running Wi-Fi connection – you will ultimately be able to use any IPTV provider on this list without any trouble.


Stream It Now

With an extremely quick downloading time, you will be able to take advantage of all of Stream iT now’s benefits almost immediately. Having access to over 2000 live channels, whilst being able to scroll endlessly through 4000+ movies on-demand – leaves you spoilt for choice.

In addition, you will be able to stream your content in high-quality, regardless of what you’re watching.

Whether you’re feeling like a movie night, wanting to watch sport with the family or view the latest series’ – each provided video will be streamed at an impressive quality and fps (frames per second).

The only possible downfall of your experience will be if your Wi-Fi connection is poor, leading to long buffering times. If the IPTV provider notices that the internet connection is down – you will notice that the quality of your content will downgrade.

Or, it may completely stop – meaning you will not be able to watch (until your Wi-Fi returns to a steady connection). If you’re looking to upgrade your streaming adventure, take a look through these options on our website, today!

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