What is a Jailbroken Firestick?

Over the past few years, the remote Amazon fire stick has slowly become one of the most used and popular streaming devices today. With each review giving it more and more praise, it is now the leader in watching streamed content.

Using the Amazon app store, you can watch the more official apps – or you can decide to jailbreak your firestick devices. But, what is the difference between a jailbroken firestick vs a normal Amazon firestick? What are the key contrasts?

Well, before we go into more detail around the minor characteristics – let’s first take a look at what a jailbroken firestick is and what it can do for you. Read along to find out more!

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A Jailbroken Firestick – What is it?

If you’ve heard of the term before, this is most likely from apple devices through the iOS system. On an iPhone, ‘jailbreaking’ would refer to downloading unauthorised software or apps to the device. If this jailbreak was an unsuccessful attempt, in some cases, your whole operating system (iOS) can be left completely inhibited.

Whereas, with a jailbroken Amazon – you will keep all the available features of a standard firestick, but will have the capability to download third-party streaming apps. This cannot happen on normal-running firestick devices, but when jailbroken, there will be no limiting restrictions.

There are no special coding systems or apps that you need to download in order to jailbreak and make the most out of your new Amazon fire stick. However, you will just need to modify several settings using your remote to unlock these third-party streaming services. Once these are all identical to the correct jailbroken settings – this permits users to begin watching endless amounts of entertainment from the comfort of their own home.

Due to more and more people finding out about this daily, there is a lot of misused and uneducated information being tossed up in the air. Therefore, we feel the need to delve deeper into exactly what this term ‘jailbreaking’ can do for you and your Amazon fire stick.


What Does a Jailbroken Amazon Firestick do?

As the Amazon Fire TV stick first came into fruition in late 2014, the amazon app store within the device was completely open to most apps (verified or not). However, the internet in general and Amazon too began to import some serious rules in place to stop illegal content from being streamed through their name.

Nonetheless, given the success and popularity of third-party streaming apps, there have always been solutions along the way to continue watching favoured content. For IPTV services, Kodi has always been the leading provider for third-party streaming.

When you sideload these third-party apps on your fire stick, due to it being an android-based system – using verified APKs (files for installation) will allow you to use these apps. The only step that you will need to follow is downloading an app on your firestick which permits you to install any third-party streaming applications that are available.


Is it Worth Buying a Jailbroken Amazon Firestick?

As we’ve previously discussed, it is as easy as changing a few settings within your Amazon firestick – which then can jailbreak your device within a matter of minutes. Only a slight bit of technical knowledge or watching a short tutorial will help you to be able to browse and search for your favourite movies, series, tv programmes, etc.

We understand that jailbroken firestick devices may sound like an easier option for you as there is more time saved and you may feel like you’re going to perform it wrong. However, understanding that it will only take a few clicks of each button to complete should fill you with more confidence and prevent you from spending unnecessary money.

A jailbroken firestick is entirely legal (unless you’re streaming copyrighted content), therefore, with little to no technical knowledge required – jailbreaking your device will not be as hard as you think.

Even if you were to buy an Amazon firestick that had been jailbroken, every third-party app, addon or any other feature will regularly need updating – which you will need to have the knowledge for anyway. Therefore, in the long-term, buying a jailbroken firestick will not save you any time regardless – as you will have to learn how to function it.

Consequently, the greatest solution would be to learn how to jailbreak the device yourself, as first of all, you’ll learn how to be in complete control of your device – understand the basics and will be free.

With the knowledge you would’ve acquired, this will make the sideloading, updating and installing process that bit easier. No more will you rely on a vendor for any support! Some vendors may add an IPTV subscription (typically 1 or 2 months) – where you will get this ‘deal’ for both the jailbroken firestick and IPTV services.

The problem with this is that once the package has run out, you will have to go through the whole process as a novice anyway – meaning that you would be right back at square one with no idea of what to do. For that reason, it is worth just spending a little amount of time learning to jailbreak the device yourself and purchasing an IPTV subscription yourself.

One factor to be careful about is that many vendors have been caught by authorities selling illegal content. Whereas, if you did this yourself – you can proof-check anything and everything to ensure that it is all completely legal. For legal reasons, it is better to be safe than sorry – putting a minimal amount of effort (for free) using tutorials on google, etc could potentially save you from any legal trouble.

Avoiding these potential future problems by performing this on your own or with family and friends – whilst purchasing your own trusted IPTV service from a trusted IPTV provider is a sensible decision. If you’re interested to browse buying guides for your very own IPTV device, click here for more information on our website for the best devices to suit your needs!

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