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Over recent years, IPTV has become quite the popular choice for many TV lovers. A lot of the main technology companies have certainly clocked on to this, as there have been many models of IPTV devices that have been released in quick succession.

Whether your favourite way to watch TV is sitting down and binge-watching a series or enjoying the latest live TV entertainment, IPTV devices cater to all your wants and needs.

In this blog, we’ll be specifically focusing on Apple IPTV devices and how you can use the apps listed on the devices to your advantage to watch all your desired content. Carry on reading to learn more!

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What Are IPTV Apps?

If you’ve ever used an Amazon Fire TV stick before, you will have heard of Kodi. This is the most eminent IPTV app on the market – where you can view the biggest television programs and live events.

Unfortunately, these apps cannot stream alone as they will need a device to which they can connect to reach their full potential. Once you have added IPTV to Apple TV – you then have the freedom to add your apps that provide the content that you desire.

On the main streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, etc – you will not be able to watch the content available there with an IPTV app. These streaming platforms already have their internet-based content, meaning that unless the content is not specific to these channels – you won’t be able to view it.

When you download these apps, it is certainly worth checking out the reviews and how this IPTV service has performed in the past for other users.

Streaming IPTV content and IPTV apps – if you choose the wrong IPTV provider will end up with you complaining about the low-quality and a dismal choice of content.

Whereas, if you take the time to look through the most optimal, cost-effective IPTV service, whether it be multiple devices such as Google TVs, Amazon TVs or Android TVs – you will reap the benefits of high-quality, affordable offers.

Nevertheless, Apple has built and designed an Apple TV which permits users to watch third-party streaming services and IPTV apps whenever they want. Take a look below to learn more about the Apple TV and the features/ additions you may want to consider in your own home.


What is an Apple TV?

Similar to all IPTV devices, the new Apple TV (with built-in high-quality video and audio), will take content from the internet and display it on your TV. This powerful and amazing innovation from Apple has created some serious features that are taking the industry by storm.

This advanced IPTV solution for live and non-live TV streaming has multiple opposing models on the market today such as the Apple TV 4K model and the Apple TV HD version too. Of course, the higher quality Apple devices will be more costly compared to the other designs.

Conversely, depending on your preference and budget, you may be willing to pay slightly extra for a better-looking media player. Not only will you have access to a provided dedicated apple app store for all of your best-loved music, TV and games – but these IPTV players contain a TV guide which you can customise a playlist with.

The playlist will have all of your recommended video content, so you won’t have to scroll through endless amounts of other popular shows to find it.

On top of that, if you purchase an Apple TV you will be able to scan loads and preview channels via Siri on your remote control – which will then listen and mirror what you’re asking for on your screen.

Of course, there are many more added features that internet protocol television offers and this is why the traditional form of watching television is slowly dying – as people are seeing these unrivalled advantages.


The Best IPTV Apps For Apple TV

Across all the other types of IPTV devices and providers, there are certain ‘go-to’ apps that a user will trust – to receive the finest content for their specific needs. Some users typically prefer all types of apps, depending on the type of television they like to watch or the way they like to use apps.

However, what is the best IPTV app for Apple TV? Well, that is a decision that can only be made by the people who watch this content frequently.

Moreover, with our extensive experience in this field, we have been through some of the worst and best apps over the years within the Apple TV store for your IPTV wants. Let’s take a look at some of the apps that we would recommend you download when implementing IPTV into your everyday life.


iPlay TV

Going along with the theme of Apple, iPlay TV aligns extremely well with the brand. If your Apple TV is at least the 4th generation – you will notice the beautiful layout of the IPTV player app.

Not only is it user-friendly, but you can add playlists from the file system on your online M3U playlists so you can watch your desired content wherever and whenever you want.

Through testing out this app, we did notice there to be a slight bit of lag when you’re scrolling down the TV guide. However, a bit of lag will not ruin your full experience with the number of channels, films, shows, etc that you’ll be able to download and watch in HD or 4K!



Of course, iPlay TV will always be the first and most used app for IPTV needs on your Apple TV device – nevertheless, more recently, IPTVX has come into the frame to compete.

Similar to another major smart streaming platform, Netflix, the IPTVX has the relatively same layout – as we all know how easy it is to use Netflix.

At the end of the show or series you’re watching too, you will notice that it will offer you the next episode to view – which takes some extremely clever editing and optimisation. Therefore, knowing that it has been developed extremely well positively reinforces how well the pros of the app will perform when watching IPTV – whether that be live TV channels or VOD (video on demand) content such as TV shows, TV series, etc.

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