Countries With The Best Privacy Laws For VPN

Using a VPN is a great way to protect your data when browsing the internet. A good VPN provides you with a secure tunnel for your internet traffic, often using military-grade encryption to achieve the best security possible.

Despite this, each country has its own set of rules and regulations that may have an impact on the efficiency of the service you are using.

Laws differ from place to place, and this is worth noting when using a VPN as it may have an effect on how efficient it is.

The reason for this is that one of the primary features of a VPN is the ability to access a multitude of servers from locations all around the world.

The more locations and servers a VPN offers, the more variety you will have in terms of the content you can access. Because of this, some issues can slip through the cracks if you don’t know what you are looking for.

To make sure you have the best possible chance of protecting your data, it is good to know which countries have the most compatible laws for what you’d like to do.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the countries with the best privacy laws for using a VPN, so you can go forward and prioritise these places in future.

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Switzerland is known for being one of the most forward-thinking and egalitarian societies in the world, so it’s no surprise that they take people’s privacy and civil liberty very seriously there.

Switzerland is one of the safest countries you can possibly visit in terms of digital safety and there are a number of reasons for this.

For a start, Switzerland is outside of the European Union, which means they are free to make their own laws and do not need to adhere to the wider needs of a conglomerate.

This allows them to be more autonomous and democratic when it comes to implementing privacy laws for the good of their citizens.

Switzerland has no obligation to abide by the data laws of other countries, so it goes without saying that the people who live there are very safe.

They are also very liberal with their file sharing and streaming rules, which means that using a VPN to access content through a Swiss server is very beneficial.

If you’re worried about the safety of a server, always check which country that server is located in. If it’s in Switzerland then it’s quite likely you can relax and enjoy the perks of using a VPN.



Iceland is a country that prioritises the rights of individuals and takes freedom of speech very seriously. Because this strong belief system is etched into the fabric of their society, their laws reflect this.

Similar to Switzerland, Iceland is an independent country that does not abide by the rules of a larger committee. The ethos of the country is largely devoted to fairness, equal opportunity, and responsibility.

Back in 2015, Iceland introduced a law that makes it one of the greatest server locations for VPNs. This was called the ‘Equal Access To Internet’ law and it is a set of regulations that helps the general internet user within the country.

The law essentially states that data service providers must always ensure unrestricted access to Icelandic citizens and that this comes without any bias.

They also have strict Data Protection laws which mean that your personal information is taken very seriously and is in safe hands.

One potential downside is that Icelandic law allows telecommunication companies to keep records for 6 months, however, this is not really an issue for VPN users.

Generally speaking, this data will only ever be used in the interest of public safety.



Spain has very strict laws around personal data. There is a high level of protection for peoples private information, despite the fact that Spain is a part of the European Union.

This highlights the fact that being a part of the EU alone doesn’t mean you are in huge trouble, it just makes it somewhat harder to implement the laws that protect data.

When you connect to a server in Spain, your data automatically becomes subject to the laws of the country. That means that using a VPN to access a Spanish server is a great way to browse content with a certain level of security.

You can also download content in Spain more safely. Unless you are planning to make a profit from the material that you download, you will generally be protected against any prosection.

This is beneficial if you are interested in torrenting some TV or film content via a Spanish server.


How To Choose The Best Server Using A VPN

Whilst security is really important, there are other things you should consider when connecting to a VPN. The countries we have listed above are excellent examples of places with good privacy laws, but you should always check certain factors before connecting.

If you are planning to use your VPN to watch video content online then you should consider the fact that you will need a strong connection.

No one wants to watch their favourite TV show whilst being constantly interrupted by buffering and blurry imagery.

Due to this, it’s crucial that you check whether a server is being throttled before connecting.

Server throttling is a way to slow down a connection when multiple users are connected to the same server. It is somewhat common amongst popular servers, so be wary of that.

Despite this, there are a wide variety of options available out there and you are sure to find an option that best suits your needs.

Many VPNs offer hundreds, or even thousands of servers, in countries all over the world. Always be sure to check the privacy laws of each country before you connect, but remember, VPNs are generally a safe and secure way to enjoy the internet!

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