IPTV Trends to Look Out For in 2024

The IPTV landscape continues to grow year upon year and there is no evidence to suggest that this growth will halt in 2024. Experts from across the industry are predicting consistent development in the market as more people begin to discover the wonders of IPTV.

Online streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Disney+, even with the massive subscription numbers they boast each month, are in a stage of continuous growth and are replacing mainstream television content with their on-demand viewability.

People are now able to use these as a much more efficient means of watching the content that they wish, without the need to sit through/wait for live TV channels to stream their favourite shows/movies, sports channels, etc.

In this blog post, we will be diving into an IPTV trends review to see what may become more prevalent over the next 12 months that we believe will hold a large significance to online streaming as a whole, read on to find out more.

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First of all, we believe it is important to understand the general meaning of IPTV and the difference between its commonly confused counterpart OTT. While both may appear very similar to one another, the key difference is that IPTV services require a specifically made IPTV playing device which adds to the quality and experience of the streaming for the user’s benefit.

It is also important to note that IPTV is available only on proprietary networks as opposed to OTT which can be accessed on open networks.


Market Size Increase

Ever since the Amazon Fire TV Stick was advertised, IPTV has flourished with more and more businesses jumping in to stamp their name on this market. This brings more viewers and ways for people to get involved with IPTV and buy their devices.

Beginning with most people purchasing a device such as an Amazon Fire Stick and downloading an app through the necessary app store such as Kodi, the market has already grown exponentially since then allowing room for improvement to make these more efficient and including the latest technology to improve the viewing experience.

For many years, live channels have been decreasing in popularity with the rise of the internet and websites such as YouTube due to the much more convenient viewing times of videos over scheduled television.

Competition in the TV service industry has been rife for many years now – however, there are many more players joining day by day whether that be an android device, iOS device, etc attempting to capitalise on the incredible growth shown by the industry.


Increased Usage of VPNs

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an ever-popular way for people to access shows and movies that are otherwise unavailable on their versions of streaming services.

For example, a VPN service such as ‘Surf Shark’ allows users with an account to appear in another location on their device to access that country’s versions of services. For example, a person may be in the UK, but their VPN allows them to access the US version of Netflix.

VPN providers tend to have varied pricing plans ranging from around £40-£80 per year with heavy discounts offered on most sites. They allow a whole new way of streaming content that people may not have been able to do before.

The popularity of VPNs has come rather recently into the mainstream, as many of the larger providers have gotten into contact with influencers across the internet to advertise their products – typically in the format of a review of all of their services. These advertisements may come on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or whatever it is that seems to be most effective to get the followers to purchase their products.


Increased Focus Upon Technology and User Satisfaction

As each year passes, developments in technology and user experience have been commonplace when it comes to IPTV. This has made the industry even more popular as this has dramatically increased user satisfaction which therefore has made the whole experience much more enjoyable for people converting from the incredibly refined world of daytime television.

The happier that customers are with their IPTV experience through their streaming device, the more likely they are to highly recommend the product to friends and family. This would hugely help the businesses generate income and gain great notoriety within the industry, building brand recognition and benefitting the product overall.

This year may see 5G become an even more important player in portable content streaming than in recent years, as users have been promised handheld, fast and easy streaming of videos, shows and movies with 5G-capable smartphones, tablets etc. As 5G has become more of the norm in recent years, this has seen a large boom in mobile entertainment viewership numbers.


IPTV Availability For All Devices

We are currently moving through the developmental stages of IPTV as it becomes more mainstream and is seeing the potential it holds for everyday users of the internet.

Most of the largest providers have apps for mobile for users to enjoy on the go however we are likely to see more of these throughout 2024 and beyond due to the high demand for more from the industry.

Devices capable of handling IPTV content are now smaller and more portable than ever thought possible. This has, and will continue to allow on-the-go content streaming with the simple parameters of a login email and password. However, this tends to not be free for all users as there may be a small, monthly payment required for each service before being able to register fully to access all of their content.



In conclusion, there are always plenty of new predicted IPTV trends when moving into the new year and we have highlighted just a few of the things that you can expect to see over the next 12 months or so.

There have been a plethora of experts involved in the predictions for 2024 however it can be said for definite that IPTV will continue to be a growing industry as the world becomes more dependent on online services and apps.

There are many more IPTV packages and IPTV subscription plans than we have mentioned in this post that you can find out more about here.

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