What Does An OTT TV Box Do?

In recent years, OTT has become extremely popular among the masses, with millions of households installing and implementing this into their weekly content-watching schedule.

At present, these forms of OTT boxes are the most commonly used types of online media streaming devices that you can use – other than sticks that go in the side or back of your television.

Surely, if it is such a sought-after gadget then there will be standout OTT TV boxes on the market that will be set up in a home for IPTV usage.

However, you may be thinking, what does an OTT TV box do? What are the different types of boxes you can invest in? Carry on reading to learn all about it.

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What are OTT TV Boxes For?

Firstly, before we get into the technical aspects of this topic, ensuring that you know what OTT stands for is deemed extremely crucial for your knowledge and understanding of what is going to be said.

‘OTT’ stands for over-the-top, which is viewing and engaging in the content through your internet browser – rather than traditional television. Consequently, if you have a set-top box built-in to your TV system – you will have the capability to indulge in content installed through apps as often as you want on a feasible Wi-Fi connection.

OTT TV boxes (IPTV devices) are extremely smart devices that have taken over conventional forms of television nowadays.

Well, one, they’re affordable to install into your home’s streaming setup – and two, you will typically have a lot more variety of choice of content across Google, apps and any other streaming website/ app.

With these media players having consistent updates, time is telling that these TV boxes will not slow down in terms of available content online or the speed in which you can watch your desired content too.

Soon, people will have to begin to recognise that what TV once was is going to change. Nonetheless, these boxes are offering more content at a more reasonable price – so apart from learning the basics, it’s a win/ win all around.


Different Types of OTT TV Boxes/ Dongles

Among the streaming community, there have been many TV boxes have been created, which have caused outrage – due to the lack of features, too many advertisements and many other reasons.

With it being such a widening industry, this was bound to happen. People were bound to hop on the trend, rush their product and make something that won’t be productive for daily TV lovers.

Whereas, some businesses were able to find the sweet spot with this idea. Not only with the network working smoothly and content running at a quick pace, but the aesthetic of the home screen, etc is clean and easy to work with too.

Let’s take a look at some of the favoured OTT TV boxes on the market today that provide a relevant purpose, with great accessibility.


Android TV Box

Once OTT content came to fruition, Google was one of the quickest companies on the scene to make an extremely useful product and service for TV lovers to use sparingly.

They developed the Android TV Box, which we all know today as an operating system that can be accessed by Android users. With the Google Play Store being active on this device, it permits users to install their favourite main (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc) and less-known (Kodi, Cyberflix, etc) streaming applications for a wide array of content options.

From there, Android Boxes allow you to watch your desired movies, TV shows and programmes whenever you want (on-demand or live).


Google Chromecast

Another invention that features from Google’s team of developers is the Google Chromecast. More so a dongle, this device will plug into the back or side of your television.

The same still remains though, this Google Chromecast will authorise anyone who purchases this device to stream their favourite content through the internet platform.

No matter whether you have a 4K Ultra HD TV, or a regular television with HDMI ports established – gaming, sport, movies, etc are all on hand with this device.


Apple TV Box

Of course, if Android or Apple decide to do something, they tend to go back and forth and try to make the most user-friendly, eye-catching device possible. These are competitors that always bring the best out of each other and it shows with the performance of both their OTT TV boxes.

Similarly to the Android Box, you will need to go on to the App Store to download all of your wanted apps and using the remote provided – you will be able to scroll through all the choices listed.

Furthermore, it supports high-definition and 4K content, which allows for AirPlay streaming from other Apple devices, and integrates voice control with Siri, along with offering apps, games, and Apple Music integration.


Nvidia Shield TV Box

Lastly, one of the top ratings for frequently used OTT boxes is the Nvidia Shield TV Box. Having the ability to watch your favourite entertainment in 4K quality shows the beauty of this Android device.

With included apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more (plus the chance to download added applications) – this provides an array of content for all users.

Bluetooth and voice control are available for your remote as well, which is super convenient for searching through your recently viewed video content.



Now that you know that OTT boxes are the future of internet-based content and with all the devices listed above, you will finally have access to all of your favourite platforms. Not only that, but IPTV is also installable for these devices.

Now, if you know about IPTV providers and their benefits, you’ll know that with the thousands of movies, live channels and many others – the IPTV devices above will be enhanced 10-fold. With this added subscription, along with all the main streaming applications, you will have endless TV to get lost in!

On top of that, you could even add a VPN into the mix if it fits your budget – as this would licence you to watch videos from all around the world.

For example, if there was a show you saw on holiday in a different country, investing in a VPN will help you add that piece of content to your repertoire. If you need any more help or information on these topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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