Is It Safe To Use IPTV?

IPTV is becoming more popular, and more people than ever are using IPTV to watch their favourite shows.

Whether you use IPTV on a Smart TV, a Macbook or Windows laptop, a gaming console, or even a smartphone, it can give you access to countless shows and movies.

However, you may be wondering whether IPTV is safe to use. Do you need a VPN with IPTV?

Keep reading to learn more about IPTV and whether it is safe to use without a VPN.

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What Is IPTV?

IPTV works by allowing you to watch content using TV signals from the internet instead of cable or satellite. It stands for internet protocol television and allows you to watch your favourite shows and movies on demand without a cable, along with giving you access to thousands more channels than regular Freeview or satellite offers.

Previously, you’d access TV content through radio waves and light pulses (which is how satellite and TV work) – but IPTV changes the game and reduces the hassle by using an internet connection.

Although you can access free IPTV services, most IPTV providers will charge you a subscription fee that can be either paid monthly or yearly.

It’s important to do research before choosing and purchasing an IPTV subscription, as some IPTV providers have been known to go out of business leaving their customers out of pocket and without a valid subscription.

Some subscriptions can cost as little as £5 a month, but others are between £15 and £25 per month. Some will only charge you around £20 for a year-long subscription. Again, always check the reviews before committing to a subscription.

You also need a device with a screen to use your IPTV subscription. Most TV’s sold now are Smart TV’s, which makes it easier to watch IPTV.

If you have a Smart TV, you can easily buy and download an IPTV subscription through the TV’s app store.

However, if this isn’t possible, you could always purchase a set-top box such as Roku or Vu Boxx. You’ll be able to connect the set-top box to your TV or even your laptop using a wire or connecting through Bluetooth.

This is great if your TV doesn’t connect to the internet – the set-top box will connect to the internet for your TV, as well as give you access to an app store and a variety of different apps.

It’s a way for you to watch your favourite shows and access a variety of channels without having to stick to a regular TV schedule – you can use streaming sites to watch content on demand.

This means that if you miss the first few minutes of your favourite TV show, then you don’t have to miss out – you can simply rewind or watch from the very beginning.

You’re not required to tune in to the right channel at the right time to watch content – if the content has already been broadcast, then you can watch it whenever you like.

The majority of us lead busy lives in today’s world, and it can be hard to stick to schedules. IPTV makes it easier than ever to view content and catch up on your favourite shows.

You’ve probably used IPTV without even realising that it’s IPTV – many major streaming providers offer IPTV streaming. For example, the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub are forms of IPTV, along with services like Netflix.

It also allows you to access shows you wouldn’t typically be able to access because of your location – if you’re in the UK, you’ll be able to access American or Spanish channels.



IPTV services will allow you to access an electronic program guide (EPG), which allows you to access standard scheduled TV. You’ll be able to view live TV, replay TV, and video on demand, which is perfect for the modern-day.

This means that the BBC iPlayer is a form of IPTV, but Netflix and Amazon Prime wouldn’t count as IPTV.

OTT also provides a variety of shows – a video on remand catalogue for viewing. It stands for over the top – and is a way to access a wide range of content. It’s designed for any device, from smartphones to laptops, and can be accessed by WiFi or mobile data.

Some OTT services you’ve probably accessed include YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime.

However, the differences between OTT and IPTV are blurring, as some OTT services have begun adding channels to their lists of quality features.


Is IPTV Safe To Use?

There has been plenty of speculation about whether IPTV is safe to use – but in short, yes, it’s safe to use.

The key is choosing the right IPTV provider that provides legal IPTV services, as some IPTV services out there violate certain copyright infringement laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Digital Economy Act, etc.

As long as you’re following the law and using the proper channels instead of using illegal IPTV services, it’s easy to avoid breaching copyright laws.

In fact, most IPTV providers have legally acquired what they need to provide you with quality (and legal) content. They’ve dealt with the legalities so you don’t have to worry about breaking the law.

If you’re unsure if you’re going to be streaming copyrighted content, always do your research and check the reviews. Click here for more information on whether IPTV is legal. If you choose and purchase an IPTV subscription that offers illegal streaming services, then it’ll most likely get shut down and you won’t get your money back.

A VPN can give you peace of mind by hiding your IP address – but most people will use a VPN for different reasons.


What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to protect yourself against third parties such as hackers or even government agencies (although we don’t recommend purchasing a VPN for this reason).

If you use IPTV and you’re not sure about how legitimate or safe it is, a VPN creates a secure tunnel for internet traffic by encrypting data that’s transferred between your computer and the VPN provider.

Some internet providers will block certain websites and IPTV providers, or slow down the traffic making load times much longer – and a VPN can be a way around this.

However, many people will use a VPN so they can access more content than they usually would due to their location.

For example, the UK Netflix has different shows to the American Netflix – so if you want to watch Family Guy on Netflix, you can switch your VPN location to America and easily access the show.

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